Hancock Park

By | September 13, 2013

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The famous Wilshire country club is located at the center of Hancock Park. The park gets its name from the family who purchased Rancho La Brea in 1860. The Hancock family later began to sell off the land to other wealthy people

There are many different styles of architecture through-out the neighborhood including historic buildings designed by noted architects. This is an example of an Art Deco Moderne, “The Smith House”

This immense Spanish Revival is a beautiful example of the style and character of an estate home in Hancock Park. Known as the “Meade House 1927”

The historic “Wilshire Ebell Theatre” and women’s club was built in 1924 which includes the club building, auditorium and garden. This is an exquisite example of Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture.

The famous John Burroughs Junior High School has been popular as a school, a source of neighborhood athletic functions, musical events, and has been featured many times in Hollywood movies.

Another attractive feature of the neighborhood is Larchmont Village. A shopping and restaurant village.

Where you can relax, have a meal, shop, or take care of your banking or dry cleaning needs. “A small town feel” in the heart of the city.

More on Hancock Park:

The area consists of approximately 1,200 homes. The boundaries include Rossmore Avenue on the east, Highland Avenue to the west, Wilshire Boulevard to the south and Melrose Avenue to the north.

Many famous architects have left their mark on this neighborhood. Such architects include Paul Williams, John Austin, Lloyd Wright and A.C Chisholm.

The houses in the neighborhood are reminiscent of the East coast. They are set far back from the street and the utilities run underground to preserve the integrity of the area. Located in Hancock Park is the Wilshire Country Club and the Los Angeles Tennis Club. The abundance of classic Los Angeles architecture have made it one of Los Angeles’s most desired neighborhoods.